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FARMSTEAD HEALTH SUPPLY was founded in 1994 by Linda Phillips and Susan Gladin. Since 1999 Susan has managed the company. As shepherds, Linda and Susan searched for effective, natural, and economic ways to raise healthy animals. They developed products that made a significant difference in the health and condition of their own livestock and pets. These products are available to you throughFARMSTEAD HEALTH SUPPLY.

ATTEND OUR WORKSHOPS! In 1998 Susan received a SARE Grant (Sustainable Agriculture Resource Education) to teach "How to Conduct 'On-the-Farm' Fecal Studies" in the Southeast Region. Classes have been enthusiastically received., and a limited number of workshops are still available. Please contact us to set up classes in your area. Please contact us as soon as possible to set up a workshop in your area. Please contact us at (919) 643-0300 or E-mail us at questions@farmsteadhealth.com.

FARMSTEAD NEWS Send us your name and address to receive the (sometimes) quarterly FARMSTEAD NEWS sent directly to your mailbox or computer! You will read ideas and tips on natural livestock husbandry, announcements, and a place to read what other producers are doing&emdash;even to post your own ideas!


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You can now order online and pay via your credit card or bank account using PAYPAL (www.paypal.com). This service is convenient and safe, and has enabled millions of customers to trade online with confidence.


FHS usually ships via UPS, and so we need your street address and phone number. Take deliveries at your barn and save! See information on home offices. YOU can save on shipping charges if you are a business. BUT, you must have an office that is separate from the home. Have your packages delivered to the barn, and save! Let us know if you qualify as a UPS business.


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